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Name:The Dark
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It begins with darkness.

Maybe you had just turned the lights off, or maybe you hadn't had the chance to turn them on at all. Maybe the power went out. Maybe night had fallen. Maybe, all you did was close your eyes. Whatever the reason, darkness surrounds you and suddenly you are no longer where you just were. Something cold creeps along the back of your neck - is it fear? Calm your heart, child, and keep moving forward. Forward is the only way to go.

It's only a few minutes, but it feels like an eternity. There's a light ahead, gray and obscured, but more than what you had before. So you keep going. You're almost there. The blackness soon turns to gray, and the gray doesn't change to anything else. It's cold, damp, and suddenly you are aware that the grayness is fog. No matter where you were before, now you're standing atop broken concrete with nothing and no one by yourself, the feeling of unease, and what looks to be the outline of one, lone roof in the distance.

Though you may not know it yet, you are now in the City of Darkness - a place where the longer you linger, the more you will feel yourself falling away from what you once knew.

City of Darkness is a panfandom roleplay game heavily invested in the horror genre. The construct of the game is loosely based on both Silent Hill and Eternal Darkness, so it will feature horror both psychological and otherwise, and will have an undertone of cultism and religious horror. There will be developments, plots, and changes through player plots alongside an over-arching metaplot. AUs (including previous game/CR AUs) and original characters are welcomed.

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